Car mechanic simulator 2018 mods cheats

Hello, guys car mechanic simulator 2018 is on the way. It will be released in july. Are you excited for playing CMS 2018?  OK, then car mechanic simulator 2018 mods are also on its way exclusively on

what you need to do is just wait till the game is released then visit this page again and enjoy with mods, walkthrough, addons, info on DLC car brands, and tips and tricks. the mods will be as follows

Car mechanic simulator 2018 mods to add car

This mod is to add new cars

Engine mods

This mod is to add engines or modify the configuration of the engine.

Tires mods

This mod is used to change the tires and configuration of tires. On-road tires, off-road tires

Garage mods

This mod is for Garage

Repair mods

This mod is for mechanic

Car body mods

this mod id for car exterior body

Car skin mods

This is for car paint mods, Designs and more.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Cheats

This cheats can be displayed after releasing the game, so wait for the game release

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