Austin FX4

Turn your small workshop into a first-class car service. Install this mod and add Austin FX4 to your garage in this new part of Car Mechanic Simulator. Find more custom cars, custom licence plates or custom localization packs. Enjoy the game!

This mod adds Austin FX4 for Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 mods.

Developer Notes:

Quick disclaimer. This isn’t up to my usual standard, but however, due to windows reinstall (and me being an idiot and forgetting to back up files) the project files for this mod were lost and basically meant starting again or releasing as is. The mod still works fine, just is missing things like UV mapping on things like the main body, and is also missing tuning parts.
I elected to release as is due to lack of motivation, I may revisit this in the future with that out of the way…\

History Lesson

The FX4 London taxi was the successor to the Austin FX3, which was produced between 1948 and 1958. Like the FX3, the FX4 was designed by Austin in collaboration with Mann & Overton, the London taxi dealership that commissioned it (and paid for half of its cost) and Carbodies, the coachbuilder that built the body and assembled the cab ready for sale. The design team included Albert Moore from Austin’s engineering division, Jack Hellberg from Carbodies and David Southwell of Mann & Overton. The original design was by Austin’s Eric Bailey and it was engineered for production by Carbodies’ Jake Donaldson. It would be the first London taxi to go into production that had four doors, since earlier London taxis had featured a luggage platform, open to the elements, on the pavement/sidewalk side at the front of the cabin, beside the driver’s compartment.

Like the FX3, the FX4 had a separate chassis, but with independent front suspension and dual-circuit hydraulic brakes. The first FX4, registration number VLW 431, was delivered in July 1958 and went on test with York Way Motors. The official launch was later that year at the Commercial Motor Exhibition.

  • Barns,
  • auctions
  • junkyard
DLC Breakdown


Tire Sizes

I think unrealistic tire sizes need to be on, can’t remember what the minimum width is

How to Install Mod in car mechanic simulator 2018:

Download the file. Unzip the archive. Copy the folder to the folder “Car Mechanic Simulator 2018/cms2018_Data/StreamingAssets/Car”.

Avoid double folders, look carefully so that there is a folder with the name of the car and its files.


  • DLC not required

Modder: Gollywog

Download Links:

Austin FX4 for Car Mechanic Simulator 2018

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