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Car mechanic simulator 2018 Trainer Cheats Unlimited 9/9/17

Hello Mechanics of 2018,

Here we are going to show you the way for easier tasks in the game by providing Car mechanic simulator 2018 Trainer and cheats. And how to modify the values in the game easily. This is not a rocket science so no coding required and no skills required.

car mechanic simulator 2018 trainer unlimited money XP


Car mechanic simulator 2018 Trainer

The trainer is the easiest way to modify the game values and change the values of the game by one click. As you have to download a trainer and open the trainer while the game is running. and you have press the keys according to the trainer. So use the below link at the bottom to download the Car mechanic simulator 2018 trainer for free.

How to install CMS 2018 Trainer

  • Extract the downloaded .zip file
  • Run the Car mechanic simulator 2018 Game
  • Wait till the game loads
  • Open the extracted file which has an extension .exe
  • To activate the trainer you need to press F1 key
  • Listen to “Program Activated”
  • Now Press desired hotkeys to which cheat you want to activate.

Trainer Options:

NumPad1: Increase Money By 5000

NumPad2: Increase EXP By 100

NumPad3: Increase Jobs By 1

NumPad4: Unlock All Upgrades

NumPad5: Perfect Parts Condition

NumPad6: Perfect Body Condition

Car mechanic simulator 2018 Cheats and Cheat Engine

Car mechanic simulator 2018 Unlimited money and XP.

As you all guys came here to cheat the game. I will help you to cheat but Cheating is injurious to gameplay. So now I am going to educate you guys how to modify the values.

  • Download Cheat engine and open
  • Run the game car mechanic simulator 2018
  • Play the game earn some coins or xp initially.
  • Load the game in to cheat engine by pressing the small computer symbol which is located at the top left of the cheat engine window.
  • A list of all the running applications appear select car mechanic simulator and press ok
  • Now type the existing value of money or xp into the HEX value Box and press new scan.
  • Now play the game till the values changes and then come to cheat engine again by pressing Alt+Tab.
  • now enter the value changed and press Enter.
  • Now the results in the left box Will be filtered. Do it till you get minimum records.
  • Select all and drag down to down box and select all and press Enter to change values.
  • So the game values are changed.
  • Hurry!!! you have modified the money and xp successfully.

This is how you can Archive Unlimited money and Xp.

Download Car mechanic simulator 2018 Trainer here:

Download link: CarMechanicSimulator2018 Trainer


Note: If Trainer Doesn’t work don’t be angry Follow the cheat engine process which can modify the money and XP

Trainers from other Sources:

Trainer from mrantifun

This trainer: Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 V1.0.6 Trainer +3

Options in it:

  1. Infinite Money
  2. Repair Car parts
  3. Mega EXP


  • First, spend money on your computer buying items then try to activate money cheat then buy something again
  • To repair the selected car parts first take off any part of the car then activate the cheat then put that part back on, You have to do that on every new car
  • For exp cheat, first gain some exp then activate Mega Exp cheat then gain exp  to get 100X

Download Link:

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 V1.0.6 Trainer +3

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