Cars modding

In Car mechanic simulator cars modding can be done through a file cars.txt

This file controls the car list in the game which are shown in the showroom option. You can add new cars to the showroom through this file but cars can only be seen through the showroom option, they are not available in the game. As we loaded the car list by our own to the game but the game uses only the official cars which are available at auctions and at the jobs, So the new cars are not available in the game.

cars.text File contents

As the name indicates file consisits of the details about the cars which are available at showroom. The cars.txt file is created in a format as follow.

car_SakuraMoon, Sakura Moon

here the car_SakuraMoon is the name of the car which load the car details from car_SakuraMoon.txt (data file) and load the icon from car_SakuraMoon.jpg(thumbnail) and the in-game name is after comma as Sakura Moon (Car name).


Modding a car is not a rocket science this can be done through a simple text editor or the car mechanic simulator mod manager which is created by Blue Icarian Wings.

Process to add a new car

First: Make a backup of every files you change.
  • In “Datacars” folder, find the car you want mod. 
  • Duplicate the two files (image and text document)
  • Rename it as your requirement (but Keep ” car_ “, you can modify the image too)
  • Open the document text and change the name to the same you renamed the files. (now you can mod every aspect of the car you want, change engine, wheels, height…)
  • Now open the ” cars ” file, copy the line of the you duplicate.
  • Add the line at the end of the list. Rename the “car_XXXX” like the new you created.
  • In file car_newname.txt change the model=car_oldname line to newname.
  • And change the name to the one you want in the game.
Thats it.
And remember you cannot see the car in game you can see it only in the showroom this mod is not soo useful. But add cars and enjoy by seeing.
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