Engine Modding


Hello Mechanics, Engine modding can be done through a game file engines.txt. This file is used to control settings of the engines present in the Car mechanic simulator 2015. You can change the engine sound, modify the RPM, modify the power, Set maximum and minimum RPM. As you can modify these values but you cannot add new engines through this file.

Engine modding

File Description

The file engines.txt is sectioned as engine name as Section header which is written in Square brackets.

Engine Modding Description

[engine name]: The ‘type’ used in the car data file.
blockOBD: Determines whether OBD (On Board Diagnostics) is allowed with this engine.
engineSound: Sound of the engine in the game.
maxpower: The maximum power of the engine in stock non-tuned (parts and dyno) state.
maxPowerRPM: The engine RPM when engine produces the maximum power.
maxTorqueRPM: The engine RPM where the maximum turning power (torque) is made.
minRPM: Lowest RPM of the engine. This is the engine’s idle speed (for real world petrol engines)
maxRPM: This is the maximum RPM an engine will reach (the rev limiter). Combining maxRPM, finalDriveRatio value and size of the wheel gives the maximum speed. This is calculated by assuming that you have the needed power to get up there.


This represents the Maluch RWD I4 (inline 4 cylinders) engine.
Note: In the game, the car engines are treated as a single unit. This unit will have one gearbox and two exhaust parts (down pipes and header). Because of this, some engines cannot be swapped.
For example, in the definition of turbo I4, 4WD or RWD gearboxes are not included. So cars using I4 configuration cannot use FWD I4 engines. The driveshaft and exhausts will not connect up and the cars will point in the wrong direction.
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