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Hello Friends Bought a car in auction and want it be restored? (all the way or a certain amount) or just change the range of what condition it can be at in auction, you can do so in the text file. Here’s how to do it. Scroll all the way down to the bottom. You will see something like this (just with different values for each car):

[logic] globalCondition= 0.4,0.6
partsConditions= 0.0,0.7
panelsConditions= 0.05,0.6
uniqueMod= 1.7

The values you want to change are in bold. If you want it to be fully restored, you would change the values to 1.0,1.0. Here’s what that would look like (with the changed values in bold):

[logic] globalCondition= 1.0,1.0
partsConditions= 1.0,1.0
panelsConditions= 1.0,1.0
uniqueMod= 1.7

You can also change the range of conditions that it shows up with in the auction house. For example, if you wanted it to be in the range of 30% to 85%, you would end up with it looking like this:

[logic] globalCondition= 0.3,0.85
partsConditions= 0.3,0.85
panelsConditions= 0.3,0.85
uniqueMod= 1.7

you can change each car independently, and you can change just the parts condition or the panels condition.
Sadly, this only works with cars that you buy from the auction house, if you were to have a car in your parking or garage and then change the values, that car would stay the same. This also does not change if parts are missing, although the game is set up to only have body parts missing, so all the non-body parts will be there and will all be at 100%, if you have it set to 100% across the board.

This is the percentage condition which the customer cars will require to be repaired to. For example, if you set it to “1.0,1.0”, the car will have non-broken parts at 100% and you will have to repair parts to 100% in order for it to be fixed.
The first number is a minimum and the second number is a maximum. Eg, if you want to set customer cars to have non-broken parts between 40% and 60%, set the first value to 0.4 and the second to 0.6.

Parts Conditions and Panel Conditions
These values work similar to global Condition; they affect the condition of the mechanical or body parts on auction house cars (and not the customer cars.)

This value changes how much the car is worth. If you set it to 0.1, you can buy it for pennies at auction when it is in perfect condition. If you set it to 20.0, you can sell a car for $750k.

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