CMS 2015 mods for money and xp

Hello friends this Guide will show you how to “Mod” Money and XP in Car Mechanic Simulator 2015.

To do this first all you need to know about “Cheat Engine”. Cheat engine is a free software which is used to scan the hex values of games and software’s .So now we are using this cheat engine in modding the car mechanic simulator for unlimited cash and XP. So that you can buy any vehicle and do any thing with no limits. But with this your interest will go away in playing the game. So we slightly recommend to play with earned things.Here goes Car mechanic simulator 2015 mods below


You can Download Cheat Engine through official website
Mod to get Unlimited money:
  • Run Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 and minimize after loading the game
  • Open Cheat Engine
  • Now you got this window:
  • Press the button with the Computer logo Which is in green
  • Locate “000017BC-cms2015.exe” in the list (the name will change after game updates)
  • Click “Open”
  • Switch to game and take a look at your money
  • Now type your money in the “Value” box
  • My money is in this moment 2000€
  • So type 2000 and hit “First Scan”
  • Then a lot of  addresses are extracted in the left box
  • If the addresses are more then filter them.
  • To filter go to game and spend some money so that the values changes.
  • Now remember the modified money value and type it in the value box of cheat engine and hit “Enter”
  • So you get the filtered results.
  • Now select the filtered results and hit enter then on pop up window modify the value and hit enter.
  • That’s it all done. Go to game and enjoy, if money not seen spend some to update the value.
Mod to get Unlimited XP :
Getting XP in car mechanic simulator 2015 is exactly same as of getting money. As I hope you learnt how to get money repeat the same process for getting XP also. Enjoy
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