Tires Modding

Tires modding can be done through a file tires.txt
Tires.txt file present in the game directory controls all the settings of the tires in the game. To mod that we have to control that file and change some details in the file.


Contents of the tires.txt

The file is partitioned as tire name as the section header [The tire name is given in brackets] 
[tire name]: This section will be used to name the ‘tire’ in the date file of the car.
gripMod: The tire’s grip value is represented by gripMod Changing the value changes the grip of the tire the game. Just remember giving large values will result in strange effects in the game.
price: This value represents the tire’s price in game.
This example represents the standard tire that all cars will have in stock.

Tires Modding Process

Tires modding is not hard as changing the gearbox in the million dollar car. its as easy as cleaning the car with cloth. Just use a normal text editor and open the tires.txt file and modify with above given tips. Why late start modifying and make experiments.
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